Christopher Coleman – Stages Of Love

Song lyrics:

I’m seventeen and I think I’ve met my wife
I’ve never kissed a girl
Who smelt so nice
My heart’s as full
As a fat man’s sock
I love her like I want to die

I’m twenty seven and I love my wife
We both want children
And it’s very nice
To pour our money out
To restauranteurs
Paint out the nursery, drink imported beers
It’s a golden time, a honey moon

Oh, How to make love grow
Does anyone know

I’m thirty seven and I think I love my wife
When we are all alone
It still feels right
But I’d like to know why, we’re always tired
Too tired to make love, but not to fight
The kids are happy
So I guess we might as well
See it through, night by night

I’m forty seven and I still have a wife
Most of our friends, have married twice
But I don’t see her, she studies nights
And I watch tv, making model bikes
Certain women, make me come alive
I’ve got this funny kind of hunger inside

Oh, How to make love grow
Does anyone know

I’m fifty seven and it’s a funny life
I thought that I knew all about my wife
But last October when our girl was wed
We were talking about the day in bed
She kissed my hands, and stroked my head
And said that every day, had been a gift

I’m sixty seven and I miss my wife
I never knew how much I loved her
Until last night
When she came to me
In a dream so light
With skin so smooth
And lips so bright
She kissed me like it was our wedding night
Bless that night

Oh, How to make love grow



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