Dessa – Skeleton Key

Song lyrics:

I haven’t met a locked door yet
that I couldn’t beat
On a chain around my neck
I keep my skeleton key

Don’t waste your worry on me
I always find what I need
Come and go as I please,
I’ve got my skeleton key

By now it’s just a simple trick
not much to see
You hear the tumblers catch and click,
then turn the key
But I’ve found work and welcome
everywhere I’ve been
cause everybody’s got someplace
they wanna be let in


Along the way,
the old men call me by mother’s name
She looked just the same, they say
the children wave or hide behind
their mother’s skirts afraid

Strangers here still seem strange
They hear the accent, know
I’m from nowhere near
but I speak the language
and I know the customs here
I come from over the horizon
pass through every dozen years
Go home, tell of my arrival
The skeleton key’s here


I’ve got my,
my skeleton,
my skeleton key
I’ve got my, got my, got my
My skeleton, my skeleton key, yeah


Don’t you go waste all your worry on me
’cause I’ll make my way with
My skeleton key

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